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Your local store is the best way to get started with Warhammer. Get your first model, learn how to build and paint it, and play a thrilling game with store staff – all absolutely free!

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It’s not just new hobbyists who get fantastic benefits. Come back to your local store regularly for free models, collector’s coins and the chance to build your own paint set!

Activities for New Hobbyists

Do you have a brand-new Warhammer hobbyist in your life? Our in-store activities will guide them through a wonderful array of skills as they start their hobby journey. Engaging with Warhammer can be very educational, and there are fun social benefits, too!


Ask your local store about the activities they run to support new Warhammer hobbyists.

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Stores may have different services available due to local guidance and COVID-19 restrictions. Find your nearest branch in the Store Finder and give them a call before you set out.

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